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Great consultancy starts with understanding you

It is so important that I get to know your business and understand how it works.

I will take the time to quickly evaluate what is great in your business, and where opportunity lies.

We will uncover together how you generate revenue, your level of quality, and the team attributes that make this all possible.

Then we will work together to enhance each of those special things that make your business the best.

How do you engage customers, build loyalty and trust while accomplishing the daunting task of serving food and making money?

I will go deep into your business or provide more focused work as you see fit. 

Whatever the case, I will be your trusted advisor and operational oversight specialist from conceptual design to implementation.

a pig, lobster and a cupcake

areas of key focus


evaluate customer experience

Great service you can feel is both invaluable and economical 

Deeper customer trust and loyalty are key. Companies can win lifelong customers by creating a seamless experience across all touchpoints and providing the right service or product to meet individuals’ needs.

Emotional connectivity brings a benefit to both customer and employee, pulling successful encounters to the front.


drive product value generation

Now, we can use data to anticipate upcoming trends, before they happen

Innovation demands creativity, success depends on the strength of the process behind it.

Effective innovation strategies that produce results and are forward looking to gen z and beyond.

Business change and customer adoption take time, gentle implementation is key to success.


build the team and perpetuate it

Employees bring invaluable insights and expertise from the front lines

Getting clear on what great looks like

Improving communication of the organization’s secret sauce. 

Sourcing talent locally - through non-traditional channels.

Getting talent in the door quickly and keeping them. 

Help your team to have aspirations connected to their success and contributing to yours.

Areas of Expertise 


Deep dive into your business
uncovering the best 
and finding areas for improvement
Set the stage to redesign how you create value for team and customers

Implement measurements your teams can use repeatedly to meter success

Strategic planning

Design the right strategy for your business
Apply frameworks, tools, and goal-setting
Identify and manage risks that could derail strategy execution
Empower employees through frameworks that enhance a team’s ability to execute critical responsibilities

Food made delicious

Teach your teams exactly what delicious is and how to achieve it consistently

Design your dishes and engineer menus for cravability and repeatable customer demand

Enhance profitability through great food and production methods that are easy and attainable

Facility design

Redesign your facility from the ground up with budget and functionality on top

Improve productivity and work flow with he right equipment and space use

Drive ROI of renovation with the right design approach and outcomes

Team development

Build leaders from the bottom up
Enhance day to day operations in ways that inspire performance
Create your “learning work environment”

Engage teams in being better and increase retention

Increase productivity through higher aptitude

R&D Innovation

Raise funding for great products with the right start and product design

Whether CPG or or foodservice, our team can help deliver results that drive quick ideation

Evaluation and improvement of existing products can be handled into comans or your own manufacturing process

watercolor painting of chard

Does your next public or corporate event need a great speaker?

I have spoken at hundreds of the best foodservice forums, large and small, on topics from profitability, sustainability and business concept development to deliciousness design and more

Let's discuss how I can craft a custom session for you


Menu Engineering

Team Depth Strategy

Plant Based Products

R&D Projects

Business Evaluation

Global Flavor Training


Scale Up Strategy

Volume Feeding

Plant Based Cooking

Operational Revision

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