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My Work

My portfolio spans across more than two decades and through my affiliation with the Culinary Institute of America, GigaChef, B&B Solutions and a myriad of projects, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the finest foodservice groups in the world. Sometimes circling the globe more than 5 times in a single year. Below are a few examples, I look forward to adding you to the list.



Lagos Nigeria

RSVP & SLOW - two restaurant concepts that thrive today in Lagos Nigeria. I worked with the owners, Maya and Nahi Halabi to build the concept of SLOW from the ground up. It is an eclectic concept derived from the foods of North Africa and Central America, centered on the slow cooking of the ovens we designed and built.


New Wave Shrimp

Product design & promotion

Michelle Wolf led the charge to develop a groundbreaking vegan shrimp replacement. I was fortunate to work alongside the team for culinary support, flavor design and generally providing a chef's view. Along the way, I led photo shoots and fundraising promotional tours garnering the original investment dollars needed to bring this to reality.

Pythian Market

New Orleans Louisiana

A collaborative of the right partners, Pythian Market opened in 2018, and has continued to wow the New Orleans diners ever since. My work was comprised of oversight to design and concept along with the partners of the project. A definite visit and acclaimed as one of the best in NOLA.

Pythian crowd_edited.jpg

Feeding Refugees

Quantico Virginia

The task of feeding people food they love, at scale, safely, in a hurry. This was the task at hand when Epting Events fired up the camp for Afghan refugees, feeding over 16k meals per day was daunting and yet satisfying.

My work supported the team with logistics, sourcing and food at scale strategies. 


Training and education

Global Culinary Experiences

I am truly one of the luckiest chefs alive. I have traveled the globe for the past 30 years, learning, competing, training, teaching and sharing with an incomprehensible amount of chefs and cooks. These experiences serve as a foundation that I draw on to help my clients and create the best food businesses anywhere.

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