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A Certified Master Chef, entrepreneur
and a cook for all my life

As a Certified Master Chef, I wonder at food and flavor, cherishing the simplicity of delicious food and capturing the essence of goodness in all my cooking. Using this as a base understanding, I help you translate quality and philosophy of great food and culture into your business.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with so many great chefs, travel the world and gain experiences that have helped me to understand how to make food really great.

My experiences today with hotels, universities, the US Military as well as some of the largest organizations in the world, such as Google and Stanford University, have served me well to broaden my knowledge and perception of where food is today. 

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Food as food should be - 

I practice the craft of cooking pure food…

I am a cook for all my life, my work is centered around bringing life to food,

and great food to your life and business.

Your customers and constituents want delicious food derived from responsible practices. Together we will design your project to instill top quality operational practices into everything you do.

Whether you are developing a new product, providing professional development, or just need a speaker for your special event, I can work with you to bring successful outcomes to your mission.

Cooking Methodology

All ingredients are prepared in very specific ways to help them show off their most delicious qualities.

Pre cooking treatment is crucial, seasoning, marination and “mingling” allow natural flavors and textures to develop quietly in the comfort of my refrigerators.

Then heat becomes critical, the right type, at the right intensity, applied carefully for the right amount of time, to move the food along to excellence.

curated - hand crafted - delicious

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